Our Acrylic Products

Our acrylic range has become increasingly popular as the years have gone by. We design, engrave and cut all of our acrylic items in our office and are so proud of the way the demand has grown.

For our personalised Angels and Baubles, we use high grade cast acrylic which is carefully lasered and polished for that special finish.

For our Cake Toppers and Craft Blanks, we now offer a huge range of colours and finishes. All acrylic is 3mm thick and carefully lasered to give a polished smooth edge finish.

When you purchase a Cake Topper or Craft Blank, there is a drop down menu to select your colour choice.
Please note the following for each acrylic finish:

10–270 - This is our gloss finish range, which has the same colouring and finish on both sides
280–430 - This is our frosted range, and has a frosted finish on both sides. The frosted black acrylic is perfect for use with chalk as a chalkboard!
440–490 - This is our sparkle glitter finish – our favourite! 440 has a mermaid blue front and a navy blue back. 450 has a sapphire blue front and a lighter blue black. 460 has a silver front and a black back. 470 has a bronze front and a gold back. 480 has a gold front and a bronze back. 490 has a black front and a silver back.
500-560 - This is our mirror range, all colours in this range have a plain grey back
570–620 - This is our fluorescent finish, both sides are gloss, and the cut edge is bright, very cool!
630–720 - This is our tinted range, which has a gloss finish both sides
730–750 - This is our pearlescent range which has a beautiful front, the back is not quite so pearlescent
760–830 - This is our pastel range – reminds us of the summer! These have a matt front, and a gloss back

Happy Shopping – and always remember to spread a little