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Lavish Perfect "Half" Palm Spear Template - Select Size


Lavish Perfect "Half" Palm Spear Template - Select Size

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Our Acrylic templates are a quick and easy way to make a flawlessly shaped striking "Half" Palm in minutes - providing you with effortless but elegant decorations for your Cakes and Floral arrangements!
Our Lavish design is available in:

Mini - 13cm tall
Small - 15cm tall
Medium - 18cm tall
Large - 20cm tall

(please select your requirements from the dropdown box)

You will need:
~ Paper for your Palm and finishing strip ~ Scoring tool (this can be anything with a round point - dotting tool / biro lid / skewer / even a butter knife will do!) ~ Scissors ~ Pencil ~ Glue / Strong double-sided tape (we recommend a hot glue gun or 3M tape) ~ Popsicle stick ~
1 - Test your scoring tool on the paper to ensure you use the correct pressure for a score line (not too feint that it won’t bend and not too heavy that it rips!)
2 - Cut a finishing strip - 8cm x 1.5cm for large Palms and 6cm x 1cm for small Palms (templates are available separately)
3 - Place the template on the BACK of your paper and draw around it
4 - Hold the template down firmly and score each template line
5 - Cut out your Palm shape
6 – TOP side up and using the first score line, fold the edge over on to itself and then continue to fold your Palm in alternating directions to create a fan. Apply pressure on the folds from the top to the bottom
7 - Pinch the Palm at the base and fan out the rest of it to create your Perfect Palm. Using the glue or tape, attach the Popsicle stick within one of the middle folds in the pinched base
8 - Glue or tape one end of the finishing strip and attach it to the pinched base. Wrap it around the base and fasten it with glue or tape at the other end to finish!

Your templates will arrive in clear acrylic, allowing optimum viewing of your paper/card whilst crafting - the coloured templates in our photographs are simply so they show up easily on camera!

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